Waterford Crystal
Irish Brilliance

"Waterford Crystal – Irish Brilliance" is the story of and collector's guide to the world renowned lead crystal known as Waterford Crystal. The company gets its name from its home in Waterford Ireland. The book covers the company’s history from 1783 until its bankruptcy in 2009 along with how the lead crystal is made. Included are most of the suites (patterns/designs) made in Ireland. It is the first complete collector’s guide ever printed about the magnificent lead crystal pieces manufactured by Waterford Crystal. It features 101 suites along with detailed drawings that shows each ones distinct pattern, history of their names, date when the Suite was first released. Also illustrated by photographs are the specialty pieces such as trophies, paperweights, sculptures and many “one of a kind” pieces. Price estimates of selected pieces found at the time of the book’s publication are included. The Appendix contains details such as names of stemware parts, individual cut names along with pictures of each cut and a Quick Identification Guide for the Suites.

Sharma’s vast knowledge about Ireland was developed by many trips to Ireland and extensive research needed for her best selling book, Irish Lighthouses. She also is a collector of Waterford Crystal so the book is developed completely from a collector’s perspective.

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The book is available at Amazon.com in Kindle version or at Google Books.

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