Born June 27, 1940 in Boone, Iowa USA to Henry and Freda Morrison


  • Hilltop Farm, Parma, Michigan 49269.Approximately 50 miles west of Detroit Michigan toward Chicago
  • Eshaness Lighthouse, Shetland Islands.On the northwest corner of the Main Shetland Island.


  • Husband Dean is an agricultural consultant for Michigan State University and broadcasts a weekly gardening show for WJR, Detroit, Michiganís largest radio station
  • Mother of two daughters, Elizabeth Sue Kaminski and Sandra Sue Morley
  • Three Grandchildren, Austin Morley, Kara Morley and Alyssa Kaminski


  • Graduated Purdue University USA with a Bachelor of Science Degree in English and Psychology
  • Master Degree work in Psychology at Ohio State University USA

Employment History

  • Professional Girl Scout for 10 years
  • Administrator for human service agencies serving low income and disadvantaged populations for 15 years
  • Self-employed for 15 years as President of Innovative Consulting Service, a Michigan based corporation, which specializes in educational seminars for agencies serving low income and disadvantaged populations.The company conducts educational workshops and has five video training programs used through out the United States featuring Sharma.
  • For the last four years, Webmaster and editor of Scottish Radiance ( a website specializing in all things Scottish that has over 1.5 million visitors a month.

Publishing History

  • Many magazine articles for national and international magazine .
  • The Moonbeam Cow Ė a best-selling childrenís book published by Richard C Owen Publisher USA (1999)
  • Scotland: A Complete Guide and Road Atlas co-published by Appletree Press in UK and Globe Pequot in the USA (1999)
  • The Last Lighthouse published by Luath Press in Edinburgh (2001)
  • Scottish Lighthouses published by Appletree Press in Belfast for UK and Globe Pequot for the USA (2001)
  • Irish Lighthouses published by Appletree Press in Belfast for UK and Globe Pequot for the USA (2001)
  • A Year At The Lighthouse published by Whittles Publishing in Scotland(2002)
  • Light Reflections monthly column for Lighthouse Digest.


  • Sharma is an avid reader and has given up most television watching to read books.
  • Gardening is a long time interest and she has established many large perennial gardens at the farm in Michigan with plants she has grown from seeds.
  • She likes to cook especially creating dishes or making things from scratch.
  • Creating stained glass designs are one of her favorite past times.
  • Because of the kindness of the neighbors at the Shetland lighthouse who have given her wool, she has a spinning wheel and is learning to spin and knit wool Shetland style.

Plans for the future

  • Writing is now her full time occupation and she want to continue to write books.
  • She has signed with an agent in Los Angeles to represent some of her written work.The agentís main task will be to sell the movie rights of one of the novels to a major studio.
  • She has partnered up with a US illustrator so she can expand her published childrenís books.

Favorite Activity

††††††††††† Spending time at Eshaness Lighthouse in the Shetland Islands near the sea watching the birds and the seals is her favorite activity.She uses it as a writing retreat at the current time.If she ever retires she will go there.