The Last Lighthouse

This book will be a huge inspiration to the thousands of people who dream of living in a lighthouse and/or a remote place. Sharma Krauskopf and her husband Dean spent eight years turning that dream into a reality. Their story - of how a fiftysomething couple from Michigan found and made their home in a lighthouse station in the wild and remote Shetland Islands to the north of Scotland - is one of dogged determination and, ultimately, joy. The at-the-time reporting of their efforts brings immediacy to their quest for a universal dream.'
, the international lighthouse magazine,

The Last Lighthouse

Have you ever been tempted to set up home in another country?
Is living by the ocean your dream?
Do you long for a place where Mother Nature creates the only sounds?
Would you like to preserve a unique historic building?
Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live at a lighthouse?

Sharma Krauskopf and her husband, Dean, answered yes to all of these questions. They fell in love with Scotland and decided that was where they wanted to be.

After eight years of sacrifice, working extra hours, visiting lighthouses all over Scotland, and many failed bids, the Krauskopfs' search for a lighthouse home had come to a dead end. Desperate, they went to the Shetland Islands to look at one last lighthouse, Eshaness.

Eshaness Lighthouse stands guard over one of the most beautiful seascapes in the world, with, to the north, the awesome cliffs and stacks of the Grind of the Navir (the Gateway of the Giants), and St Magnus Bay to the south. Built atop a precipitous cliff edge, the station was the last lighthouse designed by a member of the famous Stevenson family of lighthouse engineers. Eshaness is also almost the last lighthouse before you reach the North Pole! Situated on a latitude similar to that of Greenland, it is the last major light before Muckle Flugga, the most northerly in the British Isles.

This last lighthouse was a dream come true.

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