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Welcome to the Hill Top Farm Home Page

misty1.gif - 26.4 K I am Misty Isle, the Belted Galloway, which lives in the big red barn on Hilltop Farm. That's me in the picture. Belted Galloways are a hardy rare breed which originated on the expose uplands of Galloway in the south west of Scotland. We are naturally polled hill cattle and eminently suited to converting rough grazing into lean meat. "Belties" come in all colors.

Besides black with a brownish tinge like me you can find dun (gray) or red also. We all have white belts which completely encircle the body.

pic2.gif - 31.5 K Hilltop Farm is a working farm and we grow wheat, hay, oats, and corn in the fields around my barn. We are a little different because the big white 1890 farm house is a bed and breakfast The original house has been renovated and added to over the years to make it spacious and open with huge windows in the public rooms. Wildlife abounds including pheasant, deer, sandhill cranes, herons, and every once in awhile the resident fox.

The three bedrooms have antique furniture that has been in the family for years and each has a European theme. One room takes you to Amsterdam, another to Germany and another to the home of Hilltop's Sister B & B on Scotland's Isle of Skye Orbost Farmhouse. My owner's travels to Europe are evident in the pictures on the walls, books available but most of all in the English high tea served every afternoon. The tea set and the tea comes from England. The food served is based on authentic English, Irish, and Scottish recipes. High tea is an elegant peaceful custom that fits well with the tranquility of the farm.

pic1.gif - 20.4 K A day on the farm starts out with a carafe of Hilltop Farm's special blend of coffee waiting outside your door, The farm specializes in a full gourmet breakfast featuring Michigan grown products. Most of the fruit and produce comes from the farm's own orchards and acres. Homemade bread baked from freshly ground wheat is a delight you won't want to miss. Breakfast specialities are mulberry pancakes, apple and nut bread, dried cherry muffins, cherry pecan sausage and pumpkin waffles.

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Summer activities on the farm include swimming in the large in ground pool, fishing in the secluded pond, strolling the yard to enjoy the huge collection of flowers of yesteryear, and hiking the area to see wild life. In the winter, cross country skiing, ice skating, and sitting by the fire watching the birds at the feeders are at the top of the list. Special events are always on the calendar such as harvestfest, wassailing, and artist's day.

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My owners, Dean and Sharma Krauskopf, are great people. Dean commutes to Detroit to work. Sharma teaches non profit organization staff all over the country for her firm, Innovative Consulting Services, plus she is a free lance writer. She has had many things published including a story about me. The place in Scotland is going to have "Belties" just like me.

I have my own book entitled "Moonbeam Cow."

You can e-mail me at Hilltop Farm