When Sharma Krauskopf first went to the Shetland Islands to look at Eshaness lighthouse she fell in love with the sea stack located in the northern part of Mainland Shetland. She made a vow that she would write a story for children about the unique rock. Dore Holm, The Brave Dinosaur is that book.

Dore Holm is a grey dinosaur with bright blue eyes that turn inward and yellow toe nails. He is lonely because he has no one his size to play with. One day he finds a strange sea creature on the shore which he saves. The creature he names Whale becomes his playmate. One day a horrible storm hits the island and Dore fearing Whale and its family safety stands in the raging ocean to protect them.

"The God of All Things Good on Sea and Land observed the devotion of the gentle island dweller to his friend from the deep. He erected a stone likeness of brave Dore to protect both whales and man from certain death on the rocky shore in future storms."

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