Laura Fileís husband is killed suddenly and she finds herself alienated from her law student son, Gary. She tries to put her life back together in Granton Wisconsin with her closest companion being a big black dog named King. After facing death in an armed bank robber Laura no longer wants to put off her dream to buy a Scottish lighthouse. She purchases Gealach Head Lighthouse on a remote island in the Western Isles of Scotland. On the airplane trip to her new Scottish home she meets Jim Green who helps her through the trauma of putting King in the UKís mandatory six-month rabies quarantine. Jim volunteers to lend a hand setting up the lighthouse. Frightened and alone Laura accepts his offer.

Arriving in Scotland they hear rumors of danger at the lighthouse. Reassured by Ian Webster, the islandís police constable, they move into the lighthouse. Laura and Jim begin seeing lights on the beach at night. The police constable finally admits he wasnít totally honest and he is worried about the activity around the lighthouse. The danger escalates with the killing of a Custom and Excise man and the ransacking of Lauraís living quarters at the lighthouse. Danger is everywhere and Laura does not know whom to trust or what to do.

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